Cara Capital Corporation is a hands-on aircraft operating lessor and asset manager capable of assessing and performing the broad range of issues involved in owning used commercial aircraft ranging from cost effective maintenance decisions to efficient repossession that are typically well covered only by the largest operating lessors. This ability to manage every dollar from its aircraft distinguishes Cara from many other small aircraft lessors who are more financially based and rely on timing the market by trading rather than generating cash flow from operating leases.

Cara Capital is a specialist in mature assets with smaller airlines in lesser developed countries. By working in such countries, Cara is somewhat insulated from the rollercoaster of the major world economies as its customers are less impacted by global capital markets. The company has developed extensive experience in emerging markets including Central and South America and several African countries.

Cara has developed an operating aircraft leasing model that focuses on aircraft type specialization and providing in-house service. It maintains an inventory of critical need spare aircraft parts and spare engines that it buys opportunistically in the open market. Cara uses its inventory to be exceptionally responsive to its lessee’s needs minimizing airline operation disruptions creating win-win low cost spares inventory support to its customers. This allows Cara to control its assets and lessees in a way few small lessors can replicate and in a way that large lessors are not nimble enough to mimic.